Advantages of non staining antiozonant

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Ozone aging

Ozone reacts with double bonds in rubber molecules to produce ozonides. Ozone is easy to decompose, causing rubber chain scission. During the ozonation reaction, if the product is under strain, cracks will occur; if there is no strain, the ozonide will decompose to generate oxides, causing a phenomenon similar to "blooming" on the surface of the product, which is called "whitening". This phenomenon generally occurs in hot and humid climate conditions.

Paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax are used together to spray it onto the surface of the product to form an inert protective film and improve the ozone resistance of the product under static conditions. In addition to forming a protective film on the rubber surface, the antiozonant can also react with ozone, ozonide, and intermediate products of the reaction between rubber and ozone to prevent cracking. The antiozonant can also reduce the rate of crack growth and improve the ozone resistance of the product under dynamic conditions.
Non-staining antiozonant can be non-staining
Experiments have shown that some p-phenylenediamine derivatives are special anti-ozonation substances

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