Amino Silicone Oil

Amino Silicone Oil

With the help of our qualified technologists, we are able to offer a wide range of amino silicone fluids that is an ideal softener containing amino ethyl and amino propyl groups. These amino groups are linked to the polymer by short hydrocarbon chains through hydrolysis and high temperature, which helps in easy handling of fabrics.

Being pure in composition and excellent in effectiveness, these fluids provide softness to the fabrics and make them resistant to abrasion.

Amino Silicone Fluids are noted for their excellent textile finishing properties, imbuing fibres & textiles with an incomparably soft, permanent handle. They owe this ability to the affinity of the amino groups to the fibres, which promotes the optimum orientation of the silicones on the substrate, thus guaranteeing an ideal soft handle.

We are specialized in offering Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Fluids that are a perfect blend of amine value and hydrocarbons. Formulated using advanced machines, these eco-friendly fluids are widely appreciated by our clients for high viscosity and reactivity. 

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