Anti back staining detergent oil|Environmental protection anti-dyeing soap

Environmental protection anti-dyeing soap

I. Overview:

Environmentally friendly soap is a polyalkyloxyalkylene ether surfactant, which can be used for cleaning, scouring and decontamination of various fabrics and production equipment. The soap has good permeability and strong washing ability. The fabric treated with soap oil has a soft hand and plump suede. White soap will not damage fibers and equipment, and is easy to clean. It is a high-concentration product with good compatibility and can be mixed with various surfactants.

2. Indicators:

Features: strong moisturizing and washing
Ionicity: anion/non-ion
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
PH value (1% aqueous solution): 7.5-8.0

3. Features:

1. It has the characteristics of being more open and thicker;
2. It has excellent wetting, cleaning and anti-staining properties;
3. Does not contain any solvents;
4. It can be mixed with anionic and non-surfactants.

4. Scope of application:

Used for fast washing of dyeing equipment and machines, it can remove fabric floating, dirt and impurities and scouring cotton fabrics.

5. Dilution method:

The effective content is much higher than similar products in the market. It is recommended to dilute with 10-20 times water when using. The dilution method is: stir in the high-concentration material, add cold water to dilute and stir for 10 minutes, let it stand for more than 20 minutes, then stir evenly, take a sample and observe that the material is uniform before use.

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