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In the process of washing denim fabric, solid waste from natural stone grinding has always been a troubling problem. With the increase of labor cost, the cost and difficulty of solid waste treatment are increasing. In order to solve the above problems, we developed an environmentally friendly artificial stone. The advantage of artificial stones is that no granular solid waste is produced during the washing process. The powder from the washing process flows out of the drain with the water, which does not clog the drain. Secondly, in the appearance of the washing effect. After washing and rubbing with natural volcanic stone, fine miscellaneous stone solid waste is produced. At the same time, these solid wastes are also mixed with fiber scraps and chemicals pasted on the surface of jeans clothing and in the pockets, which makes the finished product  unattractive and clean, reduces the product quality, and also increases the operation cost of washing water production line for post-processing. 
Environmental efficient solution
Our company through long-term scientific and technological breakthroughs, a large number of experiments, the selection of suitable materials, and finally research artificial stone KS-708. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone KS-708 has more uniform porosity, more uniform density, better resistance to friction and better affinity with clothing. Artificial stone KS-708 is a kind of new water-washing material which can greatly reduce sludge generation and can wash the effect of jeans clothing. A large number of experiments and first-line applications show that the artificial stone KS-708 has good washing effect and fine pattern effect. The artificial stone KS-708 can be reused more times, which is 50 times as much as the traditional natural stone. artificial stone suppliers comprehensive cost-effective; Little sludge is produced, greatly reducing the number of sewage ditches. The artificial stone is made of environmentally friendly materials and does not contain harmful heavy metals, so as to prevent heavy metal pollution of clothing in the washing process. Uniform specific gravity pore. traditional pumice contains a small amount of miscellaneous stone, resulting in clothing damage.

Environmental efficient solution
KS-708 Product figure

Artificial stone product introduction
Product name: KS-708
Jeans water washing products, used for polishing tannin fabrics
Safety: non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable

(1) Dosage
The amount of artificial pumice should be controlled to be the same as the amount of traditional pumice after the washing effect is determined by using the washing machine. It can be reused for 50-60 times.

(2) Packaging
20 kg/bag. Woven bag.

(3) Matters needing attention
 The suggestion is to put a glue needle in your pocket.
In general, the stones tend to roll into the pocket during washing, scarification damage to the lining. 

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