Can a bathtub be installed in a small space? | artificial stone bathtub

Our family is a small apartment, the bathroom is only about 4 square meters, I wanted a bathtub at that time, but I didn't expect it could be installed. I chose the bubble sitting style, because the space is too small, so it's very satisfied! Sometimes, if you order aromatherapy and pour a glass of red wine, any unhappiness during the day will disappear at this moment!
Can a bathtub be installed in a small space?
Conventional bathtubs are usually 1.5m ~ 1.8m in length and 0.7m ~ 0.75m in width, so the area required for normal bathtubs is about 1 ㎡ ~ 1.35m2.
But if the area of the toilet is not large, and there is a toilet washing table, and even some people have to put the washing machine in the toilet, then is there any chance to install a bathtub?
You can choose the sitting bubble bathtub, which is generally about 1m ~ 1.2m in length and 0.7m ~ 0.75m in width; Therefore, the area required for the smallest bathtub is between 0.7 m2 and 0.9 m2( You see, you can have your own small bathtub in less than 1 m2.)
In fact, even if it is not a small family, more and more people will choose a small artificial stone bathtub, which has the advantages of small area and water saving. It is also a good choice for those who do not use bathtubs frequently.

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