Denim enzyme | What is Coated Denim?

Denim enzyme

Coated denim refers to the uniform application of a polymer compound that can form a film on the surface of the denim fabric, so that the denim fabric can change its style, appearance or give it various functions, thereby increasing the added value of denim products. a product.
Coated denim can be classified according to its special function as
Style coating: film feeling, paper feeling, wax feeling, old-fashioned, etc.
Special functional coating: anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, water pressure resistance, waterproof and moisture permeable, etc.
The special effects of color glue coating, transparent glue coating, and gold and silver powder coating of coated denim fabrics can be matched with different washing processes such as: fermented washing, general washing, fermented grinding, and rinsing, etc. The finished denim fabric The color level is very rich, and it has become the fashionable fabric of choice for many home textile and clothing manufacturers. At the same time, it can also inspire the creative inspiration of denim clothing designers.

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