Do you know the function of softener

It supplements the natural oils and fats lost in the refining, bleaching and other processes of natural fibers to make the hand feel more ideal. Attaches to natural fibers or synthetic fibers to improve smoothness and strength, and improve hand feel. Through certain characteristics of softeners, the wearability of fabrics can be improved.

In order to achieve the above effects, softeners are generally grease-like smoothness and hand-feel substances. Adhering to the fiber surface can reduce the frictional resistance between the fibers and make the fibers lubricate and soft. There are also some softeners that can cross-link with some reactive groups on the fiber to achieve the purpose of washing durability.

Drying clothes directly after washing can easily wrinkle and deform. If you wear it without ironing, it will look old, and fabric softener can play a smooth role. Prevent static electricity: Many materials of clothing have static electricity, and clothing smoothing agent can effectively eliminate static electricity. Increase the elasticity of clothes: The fabric is shrinkable and becomes a little stiff after washing. After using the clothes smoothing agent, the extension and compressibility can be restored, and the touch feels more comfortable.

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