Introduction to the role of softener

Soft finishing is an important finishing process in printing and dyeing processing. In the processing process of textiles, the hand feel will become rough after many treatments. Generally, synthetic fiber fabrics are worse, especially microfiber fabrics. In order to make the fabric have a soft, smooth and comfortable feel, it needs to be finished. At present, it is widely used to finish with a softener.

In addition, a large number of softeners are used in chemical fiber spinning, spinning, weaving and other processes of various fibers. This is because with the large-scale use of high-speed and low-liquid ratio methods in textile processing, between fabrics and fabrics and equipment The mutual friction increases, and it is easy to cause scratches, streaks and other phenomena. The use of softener can make the fiber itself have softness and smoothness compatible with the processing conditions to avoid damage. Therefore, fabric softener is an important textile auxiliaries.

In recent years, various new fibers such as ultrafine fibers have been widely used. With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, various softeners and their main components have been further improved. Softener is a kind of chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of fiber. When the static friction coefficient is changed, the hand feels smooth and easy to move on the fiber or fabric; when the dynamic friction coefficient is changed, the fine structure between the fibers is easy to move with each other, that is, the fiber or the fabric is easy to deform. The combined feeling of the two is soft.

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