Know what types of artificial stone marble are there

artificial stone marble is light, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, disinfected, and patterned, making it an ideal decorative material. There are four main types of artificial stone marble

artificial stone marble

1. Cement artificial stone marble. These use natural materials as solid particles as nutrients, particles as nutrients, crushed stones, coarse bones, and industrial waste residues as materials, which are deformed, stirred, shaped, foamed, steamed, polished, and polished, commonly known as terrazzo.

2. Polyester material diatom. Natural wax wax is not made up as a wax mold agent, it is mixed with silica sand, wax, calcite, etc., and then cast into a shape. Under the action of a coagulant, it will be solidified, and it will be made by releasing, baking, polishing, etc. Don't like banquets, light colors, disguise different colors.

3. Composite artificial stone marble. Organic cosmetics are composed of organic-inorganic materials and organic-organic polymerization. After the materials are made of inorganic materials, the green body is immersed in the organic body to polymerize it under conditions. The sheet material is made of inorganic materials with brittle properties, and the surface layer is made of polyester and cotton powder.

4. Mars craft ceramic volcano. Artificial stone marble is made by mixing feldspar, quartz, glow, calcite powder and hematite powder and a small amount of kaolin, etc., using a slurry method to make a blank, and forming it by a semi-dry pressing method. The temperature is about 00 degrees for 10 minutes.

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