Understand what is artificial stone blocks and its classification and characteristics

Artificial stone blocks refers to the solid surface material of artificial stone blocks The main components are resin, aluminum powder, construction and filler. It is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material that penetrates into the decoration industry. Imitation of traditional materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, artificial stone blocks  has both exquisite natural luster and artificial materials, natural smooth appearance, and limited easy processing. It is a space for unlimited expression of space creativity, and it is outstanding in terms of artificial graphite. The specific features are as follows:

artificial stone blocks

1. Rich colors and everything. There are pure colors, such as: white, yellow, black, red, etc. There is also hemp color. On the basis of the clean color board, particles of different colors and sizes are added to create the color effect of various colors of color patches. The variety is abundant, and the choice is particularly large.

2. The artificial stone blocks material has been carefully polluted and does not contain additives, so consumers can use it with confidence.

3. Moderate hardness and hardness. Natural stone has high hardness, high brittleness, impact resistance, easy, and impact resistance is better than natural stone.

4. Convenient processing. The processing range of artificial stone blocks can be adjusted to a certain degree at will. The room can be processed like hardwood. All woodworking tools and mechanical equipment can be used for the processing of artificial stone. It can be bonded, bent, and processed into various shapes, which is unmatched by natural stone.

5. The structure is dense and hygienic. The natural stone has natural micropores. When making the countertop of the cabinet, nutrients such as vegetable soup can easily penetrate into it, and bacteria can not breed; while the artificial stone has a dense structure, no micropores, material penetration, and bacteria can not. It is growing, so it is reasonable for anyone to hype artificial stone blocks as "harmful stone".

The types of artificial stone blocks are commonly classified. The classification can be divided by the materials used for production and the name of the used product. Below we introduce by product name:

1. Acrylic: a chemical resin synthetic material, clean, mostly used for kitchen countertops, easy to shape, good waterproof, no color difference.

2. Synthetic stone: finished product with diamond rose powder, firm.

3. Microcrystalline: The main stone composition is similar to glass products, it is matt and clean, the color is important, it is edible, and it is used on the ground, but because it will not be processed again, the price increases.

4. Terrazzo: It is a product made by mixing crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement to make a concrete product and then grinding and polishing.

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