24 Jan 2022

Biopolishing enzyme|Types of biological enzymes used in textile printing and dyeing industry

Biopolishing enzyme After more than a century of research by scientists, more than 3,000 biological enzyme preparations have been recognized. At present, the most widely used enzyme preparations in textile printing an

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16 Feb 2022

Biopolishing enzyme | The secret to good looking clothes

Biopolishing enzyme Around 5000 B.C., local textile production began around the world. For example, the residents of the Nile River Basin in North Africa used flax for textiles; the residents of the Yellow River and Yan

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24 Feb 2022

Stone-washing enzyme | What to pay attention to when washing clothes

Stone-washing enzyme Garment washing process refers to the use of some washing solvents to make semi-finished garments dimensionally stable and soft to the touch, as well as special color and texture effects through som

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23 Mar 2022

Denim enzyme | What is Coated Denim?

Denim enzyme Coated denim refers to the uniform application of a polymer compound that can form a film on the surface of the denim fabric, so that the denim fabric can change its style, appearance or give it various fun

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