KINGSTAR briefly talks about the characteristics of anti ozone softener

KINGSTAR briefly talks about the characteristics of anti ozone softener

Different types of anti-ozone softeners, including those made from organic and inorganic compounds. Organic anti-ozone softeners are usually derived from natural sources, such as vegetable oils or animal fats, and are biodegradable. Inorganic anti-ozone softeners are usually made from inorganic compounds, such as metallic soaps or organometallic compounds, and are not biodegradable.

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Kingstar (Guangzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional textile auxiliary and new material enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical service. We have over 20 years of product accumulation, with industry leading vision and technology. We focus on denim anti-back staining and provide complete denim washing solutions.

Innovation, environmental friendly and high efficiency are the core values of our company. At present, our products are sold to all over China and East Asian countries, and we are the high quality supplier of many famous listed companies at home and abroad, with high reputation in the industry.

In recent years, our company has continuously increased investment in R&D and has absolute advantages in the industry in developing products such as anti-back staining powder and oil, enzyme, softener, artificial stone and lycra protector. "Product innovation, integrity service" is our consistent business purpose, and we warmly welcome new and old customers to cooperate with us.

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The role of anti ozone softener

Ozone is an oxidizing agent that activates oxygen, which can effectively kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to its strong oxidizing properties, ozone may have adverse effects on some substances. To mitigate the adverse effects of ozone on these substances, anti-ozone softeners can be used.
Anti-ozone softener is a chemical substance that can effectively prevent the oxidation reaction of substances caused by ozone. It is commonly used to protect ozone-sensitive materials such as rubber, plastic, leather, etc. The use of anti-ozone softeners can prolong the life of these materials and at the same time improve their performance.
Anti-ozone softeners are commonly used during ozone treatment and can be added to the material being treated in the form of a solution, film or coating. They generally have good heat and corrosion resistance and can be used in high temperature, humid environments.
In general, anti-ozone softener is an effective protective agent, which can effectively prevent the oxidation reaction of substances caused by ozone, prolong the service life of substances and improve their performance at the same time.

The role of anti ozone softener

Features of anti ozone softener

There are several characteristics that make anti-ozone softeners effective at protecting materials from the damaging effects of ozone. These include:
Chemical reactivity: Anti-ozone softeners are designed to react with ozone molecules before they can cause damage to the protected material.
Compatibility: Anti-ozone softeners are typically compatible with a wide range of materials, including rubber, plastics, and fabrics.
Durability: Once applied to a material, anti-ozone softeners are able to provide long-lasting protection against ozone damage.
Easy to use: Anti-ozone softeners can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing process of a wide range of products, making them convenient to use.
Environmentally friendly: Many anti-ozone softeners are biodegradable, making them more environmentally friendly than some other types of chemical additives.
Overall, anti-ozone softeners are an effective way to protect materials from ozone damage and improve their performance and lifespan.

Features of anti ozone softener

Advantages of anti ozone softener

Anti-ozone softener has the following advantages:
Excellent anti-ozone performance: Anti-ozone softeners can effectively prevent rubber and plastics from aging in high ozone concentration environments.
Excellent low temperature performance: anti-ozone softener can maintain excellent anti-aging performance at low temperature.
Does not affect material properties: Anti-ozone softeners will not affect other properties of rubber or plastics, such as elasticity, wear resistance and sealing properties.
Non-toxic: Anti-ozone softeners are generally non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment.
Economical: The cost of anti-ozone softener is relatively low, which can effectively reduce production costs.
Wide application: Anti-ozone softener is widely used in various rubber products and plastic products, such as tires, belts, seals, plastic products, etc.
Ease of use: Anti-ozone softeners are easy to add to rubber and plastics without special equipment and processes.

Advantages of anti ozone softener
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Applicable to a variety of fabrics This product is suitable for processing cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers and their blends to improve and enhance the hand feeling. Especially suitable for poly/cotton and polyester. The finished fabric of this product does not change color, and feels soft and smooth;

It has good water solubility. It is easy to use and can be used in padding and dip-dyeing processes.

It has strong washability and permeability. It imparts long-lasting washable smoothness, stiffness and elasticity to fabrics and improves tear resistance.

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