Super Low Loss Of Elasticity And Quick Soluble Anti-back Staining Powder 104

Staining Powder 104

Long-term anti-staining ability
The effect on elasticity is very small

P100-04  Appearance White fine particles

  PH Value 5-7

  Lonicity Non-ionic

104 anti-back staining powder is a newly developed, high molecular hydrophilic surfactant, which is designed to meet the pain points of the denim washing industry, where the risk of loss of elasticity is high and the water solubility is poor, and its super strong and continuous anti-back staining effect is unparalleled. It also has a new ester-based structure, which causes minimal damage to the spandex fibers and minimal damage to the stretch fabric in the washing process.

Product Features  

1. Can be used in a bath with enzymes or added to enzyme powder to enhance the anti-staining effect.
2. The effect on elasticity is very small; for elastic cowboys, the dosage can be increased as appropriate.
3. Good water solubility, instantly soluble in cold water.
4. Good stability, and environmentally friendly products do not contain APEO, compared with imported products more cost-effective advantages.
5. wide range of temperature application, 30-50 ℃ have super anti-dye effect, the best application temperature 40 ℃.
6. Highly saturated, the greater the dosage, the better the effect.
7. Long-term anti-staining ability, with continuous anti-staining effect within 60 minutes.
8. Resistant to acids, alkalis and electrolytes.

Product properties

Appearance: White fine particles
PH value: 5-7
Ionicity: non-ionic 
Water solubility:easily soluble in water

Application reference

Washing water 50g-200g/machine 0.5%-2.0% cloth weight Can be boiled water or compounded
This product can be mixed directly with water of various temperatures and neutral and acidic cellulase enzymes, which has a boosting effect on the vitality of the enzymes.

Product packaging

25Kg/kraft paper bag (lined with plastic bag)
Storage and transportation
This product is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and should be stored in a ventilated, dry room temperature environment in a sealed container.